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Producer of agricultural products

LLC PKF “MAYAK” produces and sells 42 names of its own products (cereals and legumes) from environmentally friendly grain grown in the Rostov Region, Krasnodar Territory and Stavropol Territory.

Main products: lentils, chickpeas, peas, bean flour, millet.

Additional products: oats, flax, spelled, semolina, buckwheat, rice, pearl barley, durum wheat, soft wheat, barley, corn, bulgur, couscous, spelled, dry minced meat for vegetarian cutlets (chickpeas, lentils, peas).


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Highest awards from the largest exhibitions


The year of creation of the LLC PKF “MAYAK”.


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Producer of agricultural products

Chickpeas from Russia

  • Gold medal at the Green Week Berlin 2014

  • Silver medal at the Russian agro-industrial exhibition “Golden Autumn 2016”

    Our chickpeas are Eco-certified

Manufacturing & packing

Grain processing is carried out on our own production base with a total area of 3117 м² There is modern technological equipment for cleaning raw materials and production of cereals with a capacity of 600 tons of cereals per month, as well as a workshop for packing products into consumer containers up to 10 tons per shift.

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Feedback from our clients

We work so that everyone is happy

Producer of agricultural products

Shalashilin Alexander, LLC “Akshaya Invite”

We became friends

We have been cooperating for over 6 years. When ordering chickpeas, lentils of different varieties, flour and dry mixes for minced meat from the Mayak firm, we are always confident that we will receive high-quality products. It is also very important to have a trusting and attentive attitude on the part of Mayak’s management. Our cooperation is built on honesty, and thanks to this we have become good friends.

Producer of agricultural products

Dmitry Titov, “Vkusno Zdorovo” online store

Products sell themselves

It is enough to try the products of “Mayak”. Then the client becomes a regular. People are amazed by the rich taste of the Mayak trademark. Many customers come to thank us for the pleasure they get while eating.

Producer of agricultural products

Sergey Arkhipov, LLC “Las Olivas” 

The quality is beyond praise

Most of all I appreciate the calmness in working with LLC “Mayak”. I am fully confident that all agreements will be implemented on time and without guile. The founder of the “Mayak” company, an extremely honest and open person. And the quality of Mayak products is beyond praise. I am grateful to God that he introduced me to “Mayak”.

Social projects

It is the responsibility of every person to be healthy physically and spiritually.

LLC PCF "Mayak" has opened a free children's play physiotherapy room in the city of Zernograd, where every child can have an interesting time with health benefits. The peculiarity of the physiotherapy room is that during the game the child uses all muscle groups, develops flexibility and strengthens the spine. This is one of the many non-commercial projects of PKF "Mayak" LLC, aimed at strengthening the physical health of people.
In 2013, the Church of the Presentation of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple was built. LLC PKF "MAYAK" took an active part in providing construction. in 2014, the church opened its doors to parishioners and became a place where people can pray and find consolation, have a wedding ceremony and think about the purity of the soul. The management of PKF "Mayak" LLC pays great attention to the intellectual and spiritual development of the population - it conducts and supports many projects to improve people's lives.

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