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Producer of agricultural products

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This is LLC PKF

A company that has been a leader in the healthy food market for 30 years.

LLC PKF MAYAK received more than 100 top awards at the largest Russian and international exhibitions

LLC PKF “MAYAK” was registered as a processing enterprise in 1989 and today produces and sells 42 names of its own products (cereals and legumes) from environmentally friendly grain grown in the Rostov region, Krasnodar, Stavropol Territory.

The company has certified and delivered to the market – chickpeas, lentils, protein flour from chickpeas, lentils, peas, a line of the “health” group – oats, wheat, flax, milk thistle, amaranth, etc.

We are manufacturers

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Grain processing is carried out on our own production base with a total area of 3117 м². There is modern technological equipment for cleaning raw materials and production of cereals with a capacity of 600 tons of cereals per month, as well as a workshop for packing products into consumer containers up to 10 tons per shift.

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What are our advantages ?

  • Railroad warehouses help to significantly save on logistics
  • Modern equipment helps to produce better products
  • Our breeding department creates plants with a high content of vitamins and minerals
  • We have a large staff of experienced agronomists
  • We are the only one to produce ground refined yellow lentils
  • The company is the only Russian producer of Assorti cereals in culinary packages (4 types of cereals in one package)

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